We’re here to Help.

This is an opportunity for us now to think ahead putting the right technologies and the right people in the right place.

Beyond a typical warehouse management software (WMS), we have built OPERATO into a cloud-based, integrated digital logistics portal. With an easy to-use interface, OPERATO provides a seamless & collaborative portal to help you improve warehouse efficiency, productivity & space utilization.

Over the years, our clients have helped make this into a Powerful tool. During this challenging times, our mission is to make this easily available to you at an extremely Affordable price point. 

Covid-19 Recovery Assist is a digitization subsidy worth RM3.5mil to help & support local logistics businesses.

Fill in your details and we'll be in touch in the next 24 hours.

We’re in this, together.

We understand the uncertainties & the challenging times ahead.

Our commitment is to help you navigate through this by strengthening core operations and future-proofing your business.

Let’s come out of this, Stronger.

Automate Your Workflow

A Powerful Tool

    • OPERATO enables you to monitor your operations remotely, seamlessly automate workflow with your customers & gives you greater visibility of your inventory.  Manage & control your warehouse operations from the comfort of your home.
Speak to our Warehouse Experts

Work with the Experts

    • Our highly experienced logistics experts are ready to help you put together tested & proven system-guided processes and optimise your warehouse operations.  Leverage on more than 30 years of global supply chain & logistics experiences and know-how.
Future Proof Your Business

Future Proof your Business

    • The software is just a tool.  Our bigger mandate is to help you future-proof your business by ensuring you’re well ahead in the digital curve.  As we head into uncertain times, having a clear digital agenda helps you build a stronger business case.

Get Started.  Go Digital.

Here are three simple steps of how you can quickly get started in less than 24 hours :

STEP 1 : Introductory Call


Click “Get Started” and fill in your details.

Our consultants will get on a call with you where we will :

  • i) share with you a Live Demo of OPERATO ;
  • ii) discuss the details of the Subsidy ;
  • iii) help you understand the entire process from deployment, on-boarding till support.

STEP 2 : Project Confirmation


A “Project Starter Kit” will be provided to you which outlines in detail the Deployment Plan, Timeline, Software Support & a Project Agreement.

You will be required to sign-off on the
Project Agreement to complete this step.


STEP 3 : Deployment


Our highly experienced Product team will be working very closely with your Operations team to deploy the OPERATO software.  We will also ensure your Management, Operations team as well as your Customers are well-trained to use the software via our Virtual Training program.

Go Live in 72 hours!

Who Are We

Founded & headquartered in South Korea, Hatio is a technology provider specialising in supply chain & logistics. Our experiences span across warehouse automation, smart logistics, robotics, artificial intelligence & internet of things. In 2018, we launched Hatio in Southeast Asia.  Regionally based in Kuala Lumpur, our mandate in SEA is helping local logistics businesses go digital. Some notable names we work with are CJ Logistics, Samsung, Amore Pacific & Lazada.

Why We Launch this Subsidy

This RM3.5mil subsidy is launched in view of the recent crisis we all faced.  Our goal is to help & support local logistics players by empowering them with a powerful technology to strengthen their business proposition.

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